Svend-Erik Engh Certified Practitioner Steve Denning Leadership Storytelling – listen to Steve Dennings praise of Svend-Erik Engh here 

“He is someone that masters both storytelling and business, he is taken the time to understand the difference between entertainment storytelling and business storytelling, he brings a unique level of enthusiasm and warmth into all the projects he is involved in, he does listen and he is a funny guy”.

Steve Denning, author of six books on Organisational Storytelling.  

“Working with Svend-Erik on storytelling develops understanding of the ingrediens of a good story. He gives you better tecniques of presentation and understanding of a presentators tools.” 

Peter Bjerregaard, Microsoft Danmark


I live in Edingburgh and my english is getting better every day. I now tell stories in english and do coaching on a high level in english.